Cleansing Tips & FAQs

So you've started on a new lifestyle journey to be the best version of YOU! Feeling a little anxious? Concerned about the process? Read further for your step by step guide to a successful detox plan with GO! 

  1. Don't over indulge the night before you start the cleanse.  Eat your meals don't overeat like its your last supper. If you eat too much fat, sugar or drink to much caffeine you'll feel the symptoms of detox with a much quicker onset.  You may get a headache, stomach ache or even feel nauseous. Don't worry that is a normal part of detoxing especially if you are a first timer.  Stay the course it does get better, we promise.
  2. Make an 8-16 oz mason jar or any glass jar you have at home of fresh squeezed lemon water the night before so you are prepared.  Use real lemons and squeeze one or two into the filtered or alkaline water.  Secure lid tightly. Keep at room temperature.  If you make it the morning you start the cleanse its quite OK.  Lemon water works to balance your PH level, improve digestive function, heartburn,bloating and constipation.  Lemon water also strengthens your immune system, promotes skin repair, detoxes the liver , helps to curb your appetite and cleanses and revitalizes the urinary tract system.
  3. Drink your first green juice after your lemon water.  Don't wait too long after waking to drink your first juice because the detox process works best upon waking and helps to get your metabolism jump-started to further fuel the detox process.  Note: if you are own medication that requires you to eat first we recommend a combination of the clean eating and juice cleanse.  Start your cleanse with the lemon water then eat a clean breakfast like organic oatmeal and or fresh fruit like mixed berries. No dairy, boxed cereals, meal replacement bars and of course no eggs or bacon. Also steer away from fruits like pineapples and bananas if your goal is to lose weight on the cleanse in addition to feeling great. Then drink your first juice a couple hours later or when you start to feel hungry.
  4. Drink regular water after every juice!  This helps to flush out toxins and helps you to feel fuller longer. Also you absolutely must stay hydrated so drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water.  You weigh 200 pounds you would drink 100 ounces of water (that equates to 12.5 8 oz glasses of water spread throughout the day).
  5. Don't wait till your starved to drink your juice.  you will have the tendency to grab what ever is in sight when you are in starvation mode.  We want you to be properly fueled and minimize the side effects of detox as much as possible so its necessary to stay hydrated and drink your juice when you start to even think your hungry.  Drink the water first because you may just be dehydrated and not really hungry at all. 
  6. Next juice between 10 am and 12 pm should be a color like our Just Beet juice (red) the GO! Boost (yellow) or the What's Up Doc (orange).  
  7. If you are juicing till dinner (picked up 3 juices from GO!) your next juice should be between 2pm and 4 pm.  This juice should be one of the GO! Press green selections like Zing, Green Power, Fresh, Finesse or Simply Greens.  Why green juice you ask? Greens help to minimize cravings, are packed with the nutrients needed to adequately rid the body of toxins, help to restart your immune system and puts you on a path to better health. 
  8. Yes you can have a healthy snack!  Chose snacks from the shopping list provided in the email How Do I start My Cleanse. You can also drink smoothies as long as they aren't milk or yogurt based.  Only add dates as a sweetener.  You can also add protein vegan powders or other boosts and add ins found at GO! Smoothies or any healthy like store.  Add chia seeds or Maca powder, ginger, flax seeds or oils, turmeric to name a few.  You can also have a fruit bowl without bananas or pineapple.  Seeds like pumpkin, sunflower seeds.  Select healthy options like hummus with raw veggies.  Carrots, celery, cucumbers etc. Select almonds, apples, grapefruit or sun-butter with green apples. Try a avocado based chocolate pudding or kale chips.
  9. Eat a clean dinner.  Organic chicken or fish.  Steamed, broiled or sautéed veggies (as much as you want).  Veggies are a free food.  Use natural herbs and spices to season.  We also like Bragg's Amino's or coconut amino's as a seasoning on sautéed veggies. Any veggies you like are fine and eat plenty of them.  Chose a healthy salad but use olive oil and vinegar or a lemon based salad dressing. Skip the bread, pasta and cream based soups please.
  10. Drink water, water, water.  You can also end your evening with a healthy snack and teas such as a ginger and lemon elixir, black or green tea.  You will be sleeping restfully and peacefully in no time.

Q and A

  • Will I go to the bathroom more frequently? Yes, but not to the point where you can't function or go about your regular activities.
  • Will my bowel movements increase?  Yes they should especially if you aren't on a regular schedule before the cleanse.  Again you won't be going to the point where you have to stop your regular activities.
  • Can I still exercise?  Yes, start with light cardio like walking, biking, Zumba and even stretching exercises like yoga if you have never detoxed before.
  • Can I drink my juice ahead of time if i get hungry? Yes our Just Beet juice is very rich and you may not be able to finish it at one time.
  • How fast do I need to drink the juice? At a regular pace, no gulping down quickly.
  • Can I use protein powders in my smoothie? Yes, a vegan based protein powder like Vega sport, Vitamin Life or Healthy Planet.  These can be purchased at any health food market.  Or you can just come to GO! and we will make you a great detox smoothie!
  • Do I need to have a GO Press Mylk like almond or cashew? Not if you're on a juice till dinner cleanse.   ( 3 juicer per day). You can opt to get milk if you feel you need the added protein for muscle recovery before or after a workout. 
  • Do I need to refrigerate my juice? Yes, unless you keep in an insulated cooler bag while you're working or out and about.  GO! Press juices don't have any added preservatives and need to be kept cold so you get the poorer nutrients from the juice
  • How long do the juices last?  GO! Press juices last refrigerated for no more than 3 days so check the consume by label on the back of the juice.  If its expired do not drink it. You can also pack your juice on ice to keep cold when you are in the car. 
  • Why does my juice separate in the bottle?  Again no added preservatives so its all natural and will separate.  Just shake it up prior to drinking and enjoy the delicious taste of your juice.  Separation is normal.

Remember your GO! team of coaches are here for you so please call or text us if you have any questions.  We want you to feel great and have a good experience so that you will continue on your path to great health!

GO! Live, Well
Callie, Your GO! Health Coach!
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