GO! PRESS offers 5 cleanses just for you

Benefits of the Cleanse:

  • Reset your body metabolism  
  • Kickstart weight loss  
  • Reduce bloating 
  • Increase regularity
  • Increased energy and mental focus  
  • Improve skin and sleep  
  • Reduce cravings
GO! Easy
from 79.50

This cleanse is for the beginner or individual who wants to mildy and gently detox. This includes 2 green juices (one juice must be lower in fruit sugar such as Life Force, Simply Green or Green Power) and an energizing veggie juice such as Beet It, Carrot Delight or GO! Boost. Almond/cashew mylk isn't included, but you may add this option for an additional charge below.  Follow up with a clean meal (no red meat, processed foods, white flour or added sugars.  See cleanse manual here


from 160.50

Be TRU to yourself, put yourself first. Juice all day and reset your palate. This body-changing cleanse that helps put you on the road to being your best self. This package offers 2 green juices (one must be low in fruit sugar) 2 color juices, 1 elixir, and 1 activated charcoal. See cleanse manual here.


GO! Deep
from 163.50

3 green juices, and a veggie juice such as Just Beet It, What's Up Doc, GO Boost and our Must Be Love mylk.

You're no stranger to juicing and you want to challenge yourself and reach a new level of cleansing.  Say "goodbye" to cravings and "hello" to increased clarity and energy. See cleanse manual here.


GO! Beyond
from 194.00

6 deliciously cleansing green juices  and one wheatgrass shot daily!

You’ve done this before, you are a warrior, and you are ready! This low sugar cleanse will provide a powerful boost to your healthy lifestyle and compliment a total body transformation! 

This nutrient dense cleanse will detoxify liver, oxygenate your cells, boost immune functioning, and provide revolutionary healing! End every day with a rich and creamy protein powerhouse, with the necessary essential fatty acids to support healthy brain, heart, and bone health.